Why Monster Sessions?

Monster Sessions is a private music school that tends to the "best interest" of the music artist. Based on our powerful and unique vision, Monster Sessions has quickly become established in the industry as the premiere music school exclusively for artists.

Unlike traditional music schools, Monster Sessions teaches students every aspect of the music industry through a series of innovative classes, all in an extremely short period of time - and at a fraction of the cost.

We attribute our exceptionally high student interest rate to our teaching model and to the fact that our classes are taught exclusively by active and successful music minds in the current industry; therefore, we are able to deliver the most relevant and current information.

Our courses begin with the fundamentals of the business and life cycle you should expect to see during your own music path. Monster Sessions will conclude with experiential, hands-on training courses that give our students an unparalleled, realistic view of the business from the ground up. 

Monster Services for Graduates

Once students complete our core courses they become eligible for our incredible Monster Session graduate benefit program. Through Monster Sessions many services, we provide our graduates with direct introductions to key music industry professionals in order to help further facilitate their success. This is just one of the multiple ways in which we help our students to achieve their dreams and goals as music producers & artists once their training is complete.

Our graduates will go on to secure music placements with record labels, music companies, TV networks and artists directly, job/internship & mentor opportunities with recording studios as well as secure management and legal representation with music managers and entertainment lawyers.

For more information on upcoming classes and/or understanding of Monster Session services, enter your contact info in the Request Information section below!

Become an Honorary Student!

Enter "Student ID" in the Question section, along with your full name and address and we will send you a customized Monster Sessions Student ID Badge with your name on it!

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