Pro Music Production & Music Industry Business 502

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Saturday, May 27th, 2017

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Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Tuition: $497* (Payment Plan Available)

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Length: 8 hours

Location: Burbank, CA.

Capacity: 8 students

Our goal at Monster Sessions is to help music artists turn their dreams into reality, and our classes are where it all begins. In this powerful one-day class, you will become fully educated on the entire professional process of a Music Industry professional. We will share the inside secrets of the Music Industry and provide one of the best music education experiences available today.

This class is highly useful because, it gives you world-class experience and will benefit any skill level, from beginner to professional. Our expert staff and network of guest teachers will guide you through every possible option available to you in the industry. The classes are designed to provide you with 6-9 months of traditional Music School information in 1-day. You will learn how to overcome every possible obstacle along the way, and how to turn your passion and talent into a full-time, highly paid, life-long career.

Guest Speakers will include: Record Label A&R's and representatives, Entertainment Lawyers, Artist Managers, Producers, Engineers & more.

Having the opportunity to learn from and interact directly with music industry professionals within your first day of class, in a state-of-the-art recording studio instantly places you at the highest level and defines the value to this life-changing class. By the end of this course, you will have not only completed a class but also had an experience you will never forget.

What's Included?

  • Dame Taylor - Inside the Music Industry & Music Business 502

  • What does a music career look like?

  • Intro to Music Publishing/Royalties/Contracts/Admin Deals & Opportunities

  • Types of jobs in the music industry

  • What jobs pay the most

  • The truth about record & publishing deals

  • Music Industry truths & myths

  • How to get your music heard

  • How to market yourself correctly

  • How to start your own online business

  • How to transition from your current job

  • Should I quit my job?

  • How to find management

  • How to secure placement opportunities

  • How to approach big names online

  • How to go from 0 to viral

  • Learn how much to charge

  • Resume building

  • Monster A&R Partners - Music Evaluation & Placement Opportunities


  • 1-Year subscription to Monster A&R

  • $200 Monster Pack (Custom 16gb Flash Drive w/ Plug-Ins/Settings, PDF Textbook, Custom Monster Sessions T-Shirt, Lanyard/Class I.D. Badges & Notebooks)

  • Monster Sessions Who's Looking List & Pro Network

  • Monster Sessions Certificate of Completion

  • Monthly Facetime/Skype follow-up sessions w/ Dame

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