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$800 - (Per Year)

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Music Management and Professional Development

Monster A&R Level 3 is the official development system of the music industry, preparing music artists, songwriters & producers for independent and professional music opportunities through education, research and management.

Here's What We Do For You:

Once you join Monster A&R, we will act as your manager, handling your music submissions, reviewing and providing professional A&R consultations on where your music currently is. We will then coach you on anything we feel can help you to improve your music from a creative perspective, if needed. We engage with all of our members on a weekly basis through personal contact, private & public live streams, e-mail announcements and social media.


We take pride in providing our members with an entire community of resources from sounds, plug-ins to industry quality drum kits, industry network connections and direct relationships with our other senior members. If your music fits any of our current music placement opportunities, we will immediately submit for the opportunity while keeping you in the loop constantly on any updates from that opportunity.

We do not take any of your publishing! If you get anything placed with Monster A&R, you keep all of your publishing/royalties/advances/etc.

How It Works:

Monster A&R Yearly Membership - $800

Monster A&R focuses on the development of talent and helping music artists and producers reach their goals the most effective way possible. Our A&R Assessments collect information from you such as, your music goals, plans, ideas and strategies. We use this information to help you through our years of experience in the professional music industry, our network resources, community and college level education programs to guarantee results to those open-minded to the idea

of getting better with us.

What happens when I join?

  1. Enroll - Application Process

  2. Monster A&R Team Leader Outreach

  3. Rules & Guidelines - Monster's Only Access

  4. Submit Your Music

  5. Our A&R Team conducts an extensive industry evaluation of your music.

  6. You will be introduced to our Monster A&R Online Private Network of other members from around the world.

  7. We contact you with our results.

  8. You will be placed in our Monster A&R Top 25 Ranking System.

  9. You will become a lifetime member of the Monster A&R Private Facebook Group.

  10. Gain access to Producer & Songwriter Camp Discounts.

  11. You have a better idea of where you currently are and what you should do next.

  12. 98% of our members have developed faster in our system than on their own or a part of any other platform.

Monster A&R Level 3 Benefits



















Drum & Sound



Facebook Group



Monster Sessions

VIP Access





Monster A&R Ranking System

Introducing Producer Profiles.

Monster A&R's Profile Rating System is the most accurate and

industry-respected evaluation tool used to assess your skills,

ability & progress as a professional music artist/producer.

Music Profile Benefits Include:

  • Development - We will help you to discover your strengths, weaknesses and creative patterns.

  • Network - As a subscriber, you will be a member of our exclusive Monster A&R Facebook group.

  • Resources - You will have access to music placement opportunities, drum kits, plug-ins, tutorials & collaborations. 

  • Exposure - Your music will be reviewed by a panel of record label A&R's, label reps, managers, music artists & producers.

  • Profile - You will receive a profile. Know where you stand amongst your peers! Let everyone know how Elite you are!


Why Monster A&R Level 3?

Being the only professional development system of it's kind, Monster A&R is leading the industry and innovating music culture, allowing music artists, producers & songwriters to explore new possibilities in the music industry while improving. Monster A&R combines Monster Sessions Online and real-world applications, allowing our members to learn more efficiently than any other online platform or tutorial. Join our elite team and take advantage of all Monster A&R Level 3 has to offer:

  • Industry-approved curriculum

  • Class Open Enrollment - no application process required for most of our online courses

  • Advanced Ranking System, creative tools, rewards and expanding community

  • Access to career resources, professional development and an instant network

  • We will actively submit your music to independent & professional placement opportunities daily

Monster A&R Member Collaborations on SoundCloud!

Monster A&R Pro Audio Innovation Team



- Logic Pro X

- Pro Tools

- Dave Smith Prophet 08



- Logic Pro X

- Beyerdynamic DT-770

- HBCU Band Instructor



- FL Studio 

- Serum

- Roland D-05



- Ableton Live 

- Ableton Push