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Music Industry Business 501


The Monster Sessions Music Industry Business program prepares students to succeed in an ever-changing industry where "what you know" could be the key to your success. The program combines classroom study with technical instruction and hands-on experience for those seeking a career in the music business.

The Music Industry Business program will cover most areas of the music business in a 6-week series of interactive online classes. This program is ideal for artists, producers, songwriters, managers or anyone looking to gain an edge while you pursue your dreams and goals in the music industry.

Class DETails


Class Length:



Music Industry Business 501

12 hours


Saturday: 9am - 11am PST

Wednesday: 7pm - 9pm PST


Saturday, November 10th

Class Attachments

Digital Class PDF Syllabus/Workbook

Online Class Pass

Monster Sessions Online Certificate

(Certificate presented after completion of 501 - 506)


Online - Monster Session Offices

Class Syllabus - 501

What you will learn:

  • The Music Industry Explained

  • Major & Independent Record Deals

  • Publishing Deals

  • Types of Deals

  • Royalties

  • Advances

502 - 505 Class Dates Will Be Listed December 1

Music Industry Business Online Syllabus

  • 360 Deals

  • Production Deals

  • Ghost Production

  • Label Deals

  • Distribution Deals

  • How To Get A Record Deal Today

  • Copyrighting Your Music

  • How To File A Copyright

  • Copyright Infringement

  • Should I Start My Own Label?

  • When Should I Sign A Record/Publishing Deal?

  • What Type Of Business Should I Start?

  • Managers

  • Agents

  • Lawyers

  • How Do I Get Out Of A Deal?

  • The Pros & Cons of Collaborations

  • Split Sheets

  • Studying Real Contracts

  • Contract Negotiation Roleplay

  • How Much Should I Charge?

  • Selling Music Online

  • Beat Stores

  • Can I Live Off Of Music?

  • Taxes

  • Flat Fees

Software Requirements

Mac Users

- OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher 

- Latest version of Google Chrome or Safari

Windows Users

- Windows 7 or higher

- Latest version of Google Chrome

All Users

Class Program Access will be provided upon class enrollment

Class Site

Monster Session Offices

Irvine, California

Walk-In Class Participation

Will Be Available To A Limited Amount of Local Students

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Monster Sessions provides internship and job opportunities to 24 university & community colleges in California for students looking to gain experience in the music industry. If you are a college student connected through Handshake and are looking for music industry experience, be sure to connect with us through the Handshake app and submit your resume! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hardware Requirements

- 2GB RAM (At least 4 GB recommended

- 500 MB hard drive space

- Speakers or headphones

- Webcam

- Internet connection with at least 4 Mbps download speed

( to verify or download the Speedtest by

Ookla app from your mobile app store)

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