Master Intern Training Program

Training future engineers, assistants & studio runners is a core part of our initiative. 


Our dynamic intern training program provides real-world in-studio experience and equips interns with the skills, tools and strategies to tackle the challenges of working in a professional music environment. 


The current turnover rate for the most prestigious recording studios is 12 to 1, meaning that out of 12 interns hired, only 1 is kept. This extremely high turnover rate is mainly due to the interns inability to do their job correctly and or efficiently, depending solely only the information they receive from traditional music school curriculum. 

Our internship program is an excellent compliment to academic learning, which often does not provide field experiences and ground breaking opportunities for students.

Our intern training program will have a global influence, preparing over 250 interns for careers in a competitive music industry within the next 2 years. Our goal is to create a more efficient turnover rate by properly training and preparing prospective recording studio employees for their jobs& careers. In fact, the majority of Monster Session leadership staff and current instructors began as interns!


For a list of current intern training opportunities please submit your info below, as well as any questions you have about upcoming training courses.

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