Introducing Producer Profiles.

Monster A&R's Profile Rating System is the most accurate and

industry-respected evaluation tool used to assess your skills,

ability & progress as a professional music artist/producer.

Music Profile Benefits Include:

  • Development - We will help you to discover your strengths, weaknesses and creative patterns.

  • Network - As a subscriber, you will be a member of our exclusive Monster A&R Facebook group.

  • Resources - You will have access to music placement opportunities, drum kits, plug-ins, tutorials & collaborations. 

  • Exposure - Your music will be reviewed by a panel of record label A&R's, label reps, managers, music artists & producers.

  • Profile - You will receive a profile. Know where you stand amongst your peers! Let everyone know how Elite you are!


Monster A&R and Management Service

Monster A&R is the official development system of the music industry, preparing music artists, songwriters & producers for independent and professional music opportunities through education, research and management.

With over 100 members in 20+ countries over the past year, Monster A&R has become the leading, most trusted artist/producer development community, and we're just getting started.

Monster A&R is the only platform of it's kind, offering artists & producers next level education in all areas of the music industry.

Whether you are ready for professional opportunities or you're just starting, you will walk away from Monster A&R a better music artist, songwriter or producer. This is the only platform run by artists for artists and guaranteed to improve and inspire your journey!

Monster A&R

Private Facebook Group

We value and celebrate community. Our private Facebook group is where our staff, music artists, producers & engineers come together to network daily.

If you're an artist (rapper/singer/songwriter) looking for a particular type of track, reach out to one of our 50+ producers and let them know what you need! Looking to collab, tell the group what you want to do and it'll get done! You can even exchange drums, ideas and buy or sell some used equipment. This is your one-stop-shop for information and support.

Get instant answers and community interaction in a safe place with like-minded people, who all share one common goal: Reaching their highest career potential in the music industry.


Continue to receive exclusive mentorship chats with Monster A&R founder Dame, as he periodically drops into the group via our Facebook Live video feed to update the group on what's going on, where he's submitting music, recent & upcoming studio sessions, and answer questions.

Note: Access to Monsters Only and the Monster A&R Private Facebook Group requires at least a 3-month subscription, for privacy and security purposes. A Non-Disclosure must be read and agreed to as well. Monster A&R reserves the right to revoke or deny member privileges to any subscribers, if group guidelines & conditions are not followed.

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