Introducing Producer Profiles.

Monster A&R's Profile Rating System is the most accurate and

industry-respected evaluation tool used to assess your skills,

ability & progress as a professional music artist/producer.

Music Profile Benefits Include:

  • Development - We will help you to discover your strengths, weaknesses and creative patterns.

  • Network - As a subscriber, you will be a member of our exclusive Monster A&R Facebook group.

  • Resources - You will have access to music placement opportunities, drum kits, plug-ins, tutorials & collaborations. 

  • Exposure - Your music will be reviewed by a panel of record label A&R's, label reps, managers, music artists & producers.

  • Profile - You will receive a profile. Know where you stand amongst your peers! Let everyone know how Elite you are!


Monster A&R Online Consulting

Monster A&R is an online music service that helps to develop music artists & producers around the world. Our goal is to prepare you for music placement opportunities through our network of music industry professionals.

Submit your music to be reviewed on our weekly livestreams!

Submission Fee: $25

Submit anytime and your music will be placed in queue and reviewed in the next livestream.

Upon submission to Monster A&R, we will reach out to you with a private email address, where you will submit your music and communicate with your appointed A&R throughout the entire process.

Music reviews will consist of us listening to your music and giving you a professional review from an industry A&R perspective.

One person per week will randomly be selected to have their music reviewed and posted on YouTube as an entire video. It could be you!