Trap Beat God of 2017

Manny Man, producer out of Baltimore, Maryland has earned the title of “Trap God” around the office. If you want to know why, you don't have to listen that hard. You feel it when you turn it on; there are two tracks in particular, “Attack 2017” and “Slow Jams” that I thought were really fire. They were killing the monitors in the conference room and we loved every bit of it. Manny simply has mastered the trap sound, and you can tell that he loves making music. From his kicks and snares, to his melodies, he should be on half of the projects that I’ve been listening to since last summer. His presentation overall is solid and he still has the potential to grow and become one of the strongest producers in Monster A&R. Dame says that his mixes need to be a little clearer, and I wonder if Manny agrees. Me, as the listener, I just hear fire, but of course, producers speak another language to one another…

Manny just released a beat tape titled:

The Jig Saw Beat Tape, and I currently have it in rotation with all of the other fire that I listen to on a daily basis. Check it out here, and support this dude because he deserves it. Some things I just don't understand about the internet and today's industry... there should be machines that detect what deserves opportunity, and that shit should be bumped over all of the trash I come across daily. Manny is definitely a bump.

Dame also noted in particular that he likes the unique style in which Manny sends his work. “Whenever he finishes a track he sends it right over that night, and he’ll send like a beat or two a day for a month straight.” That is not the usual approach from other producers and artists from what I’ve seen, but it works for Manny, he’s a lot more consistent when he’s in his zone. It seems like he’s constantly creating, and for that he is a standout amongst all of the producers on the roster, in my opinion.

As I always check out the Top 25, Manny currently sits #9. It has been brought to my attention that he hasn't been as active in these recent months. I’m hoping we can hear some more submissions in the upcoming weeks so the team can keep pitching his work out there to artists. I strongly believe that Manny can continue his reign as “Trap God” for 2018, unless he decides to go Gospel on us. The threat will be the new producers coming in and taking a shot at Manny’s crown, guys like Malcolm LilJohn (Memphis, Tennessee) and Omakasé Kabuki (Paris, France), but we’ll just have to wait until the next producer challenge to see what happens.