The New Top 25

Dame has hinted throughout the end of 2017 that the Top 10 will definitely have some changes. The question is what changes? Who moves up? Who moves down? I know there will be more of a focus on how much music is sent in. For example, if a producer only sends five beats a month it will be harder to stay in the Top 25, versus a lower ranked producer that is sending in a more consistent 10-25 beats per month. Also, a few artists are GUARANTEED to drop out the rankings, who might they be? Does Rion Richard hold on to the #1 spot or does he drop out of the Top 5? When the new rankings are revealed for the new year, I am sure we will be blown away from all of the surprises. Also, be sure to pay attention to green & red trending marks in the rankings which indicate whether a producer is going to move up or down. I have been involved with Monster Sessions for the past 7 months, including sitting in on numerous A&R panels with the team in Irvine, demoing production from all of you. I know all of you very well indirectly, as well as what's going on here at Monster A&R. I am looking forward to hearing more and helping you all spread your wings in 2018. Peace