Monster A&R Weekly

Opportunity Knocking

An opportunity to place an ad for a major food chain, that will be run nationally, should get you excited. I mean, this is what producers live for right, an opportunity have your music heard around the world? On Monday, Steak n Shake contacted the team requesting new music for their latest campaign. The music needed for this job is not a lane that Monster A&R producers are accustomed to.

This is definitely not a phone call that most producers expect to get, an opportunity to have your music playing in the background of a commercial, starring, a Western BBQ ‘N Bacon Steakburger combo for $5.99. Instead of your favorite rapper, rapping over your tracks, you’re getting checks in the mail producing jingles for fast food restaurants. Would you do it?

Would you pass up an opportunity to produce ONE track for your favorite music artist that ends up going 3x platinum, but you don’t make any money, or would you produce commercial music (for money) as a career? The catch is, if you choose commercial music over producing for your favorite artist, you won’t ever be able to produce for your favorite artist… what would you do? If you land a placement like this, you’ll be able to answer these type of questions with no hesitation.

Last week also provided an opportunity from Notting Hill Music Publishing, who have been working closely with Monster A&R. A DJ on their roster is looking for songs that could make it as a single for an album. Why don’t companies reveal the names of the artists looking for the music? I’m sure it’s business related; some political BS that probably makes a lot of sense… Yeah. All in all, another great opportunity for the up & coming. Good luck, champs.

New Year New Music - Producers

Ajavious “Only Singer” Watkins (Farmville, Virginia) made his presence known last week. Fueled from these New Year placement opportunities he lit up the inbox for the first time this year. I look forward to hearing more from Ajavious in the future; he’s getting better and better every time I listen in on meetings.

Edgar “The Off” Martinez (Milton-Freewater, Oregon) is currently the “King of January, with 17 submissions, halfway through the month. There aren’t a lot of producers that can switch it up, and actually be good across genres, but Edgar isn’t one of those producers, flooding us with trap beats, r&b tracks and even new jack swing crossover instrumentals. It looks like the Oregon based producer was influenced by the latest Bruno Mars and Cardi B joint. I see you Edgar, keep it up bruh.

Rion Richard (Helsinki, Finland) sent 7 new songs through to the team, all solid productions. He is definitely showing why he finished the year at #1, and doesn’t foresee himself moving out of that top spot. So, while you are reading this give Rion a round of applause, this man deserves his shine. Finland has got real a gem over there!