Monster Weekend - Private Session: March 3rd - March 5th

Shout out the Monster Family that made it out this weekend. First and foremost thanks to Dame Taylor. Without your dedication and strength none of this would be possible.

Day 1 - Arriving at the Air BnB and meeting Monster Members like Sam Walker (Producer - Jacksonville, Florida) and Edgar Martinez (Producer - Milton-Freewater, Oregon) on personal level was amazing. Playing each others music, freestyling, creating ideas, laughing and just having a good time, was a once in a lifetime experience.

Day 2 - Another studio session that was surprising. Meeting new member Ryan Oropeza (Producer - Westminster, CA) was a refreshing face to see. I remember starting off myself not knowing what I was doing...but I knew I wanted to do it.

Meeting new faces also meant researching people's careers. Like James and Austin. James has an Art Institute and has been doing so for over 25+ years. Austin is Neal Pogue's assistant who produced/engineered for Outkast, TLC, Nikki Minaj and many more. To be in the presence of these experienced music industry professionals is one thing, and for them to believe in Dame and us means more than any recognition or financial gain.

Later on Ma'at Hotep (Pensado's Students) and his crew stopped by. 2 young songwriters who looked nervous but soon we realized why they were there. Kinzie and Nathan were off to the side until Dame started off a beat that would create a spark. Sam and Colin Flaherty (Producer/Drummer - Fontana, CA) joined in to ease there nerves and soon they started to write to Dame's beat. That was a moment that will never be replicated. I soon came to realize that the best moments are unexpected.

Later that night we went to dinner to kick back and relax. I don't know who came up with the idea but I heard "let's go to the Monster Sessions headquarters" 👀

We headed down to The Monster HQ and finally saw where the magic happens. I still remember when Dame first told me on Skype back in Early 2016 when he had his vision for Monster A&R. And here we are. A dope listening session and conversation took place about things I never thought about. Where Monster is heading, where it's been and the current state. They shot a video with outtakes that where hilarious and shot some good testimonials. Every one seemed more comfortable with the group testimonial.

Day 3 - Dame showed up to the Air BnB and saw him do his thing. It's one thing to see him in the studio (all professional). Watching him in a more comfortable environment and asking questions.."Why you doing that? What is that? Where did you get that?" etc..etc...funny how we all had questions about each others styles/work flow. If it wasn't for the neighbors banging on the walls we probably would of not quiet down and stopped.

Sam and Edgar were the out of towners that came from out of the state. I hope I did a decent job of showing them around. The last night we had together we had the "Mexican version of Church's Chicken" (Pollo Loco). All I can say is that Sam bought like 500 burritos (2 burritos and a 3 piece combo) for the next day and none of it made it back to the Air BnB.

I can say that this Monster Session was one of the best. I was inspired, excited and glad I came. For anyone undecided to come to Los Angeles. Do it. The ideas alone that we came up with talking to the other members alone was eye opening. Let alone the studio/family atmosphere that Monster brings.

- A. Mendez

Triple AAA Productions

Bay Area, California