Monster A&R Producer Challenge: Jabrel Allen vs. Collin Flaherty

Producer Challenge: Jabrel "prodbybrel" Allen vs. Collin "Groovescientist" Flaherty

Reference: Kendrick Lamar - "How Much A Dollar Cost"

Brel's Track:

Collin's Track:

My thoughts on the challenge. I’m requesting re-makes for both of you. Beats were decent, but based on the reference, justice was not served. I take these reference challenges seriously, and I understand the ideas and direction that both of you were going in, but ask yourself one thing about this Kendrick track, “What makes this beat dope? What are the most important parts of this track? Is it the melodies? Is it the drum dynamics? What is it? The key to fully capturing proper creation from a reference is first learning how to break the song you’re using as a reference down, discover why this song is relevant, and it has nothing to do with whether you personally like the track or not. There’s a difference between producing music at home and producing music for money and opportunity, professionally. Part of being a successful producer in the professional music industry is being able to be good at anything. I don’t like to call these Producer “battles”, but more so, producer challenges because, as evident in this challenge between Collin & Jabrel, I pick these references based on knowing 100% that the producer will struggle with the reference, as it far from their creative comfort zones. Sometimes I’ll give you guys references that I know you’ll kill and sometimes I’ll purposely throw you off, to show you that you still have a lot of work ahead, before you can consider yourself a professional. These challenges aren’t for everyone though. Some might not have the confidence to take challenges and hide behind the thought of, “I do music for me”, etc. Yeah. Right. These are challenges to see if they can step up their level of creativity for a professional opportunity, using a professional reference. These producer challenges will, 100% improve your abilities and creative range as a producer. One of my strengths is helping producers to explore within themselves, their own strengths and weaknesses, and this comes from my many years of experience as a professional industry producer working with references of all genres of music. My goal is to bring the best out of these guys, and as long as they are open minded to the idea of improving themselves and learning the professional world, sky is the limit for them. Tip: Don’t just create and submit one beat, send many. Any time I create using a reference, the reference usually inspires me so much, that I end up making 5-10 tracks within the first 1-2 hours. Send all of your ideas, trust me. My challenge to the both of you, go back to the drawing board and re-create tracks using the same reference. The real win here is actually stepping up anytime you’re challenged to learn and get better, not actually winning... which is why I don’t like to call these battles. Monster A&R is a learning ground and these challenges are one of its tools. Keep working guys. I’m proud of both of you. - Dame