VH1 Music Placement - Kevin Delaney (Olathe, Kansas)

Monster A&R subscriptions begin and end everyday, but once music has been submitted into the music industry, it belongs to the universe.

There is never any rhyme or reason for how the industry works. Music placement opportunities are a chance to "audition" your music for a music job, essentially, and just like any job opportunities, you submit your work and, wait.

Our goal here is help music artists and producers to explore these possibilities, along with insight into how it all works.

Kevin, a music producer from Olathe, Kansas, was a huge contributor to Monster A&R during it's early stages. After his subscription expired, he went on to produce for a few local artists after consistent music submission efforts to various placement opportunities.

Back in April, we submitted 65 tracks from 7 different producers to our music supervisor partner with Netflix, and they informed of this potential music placement opportunity for Kevin, along with other members.

We just received 7 references back from Lil' Eazy-E and other artists currently working on a TV series, but due to ongoing proceedings, we can't go into detail on the project.

We are happy to give as much information on current and recent placements, but value keeping all information discreet, to ensure that we don't violate any industry policies.

We are proud of our team and look forward to reporting more music placement opportunities and news!

Keep working, Kevin!

Welcome back!

- Monster Team Admin