What Does It Mean To Win A Producer/Songwriter Challenge in Monster A&R?

Winning a Monster A&R Producer/Songwriter doesn't always mean that you are the better songwriter/producer.

Important notes: For Franco’s track: “We all asked, would 2 Chainz use this track? That was a divider... I liked how you took the track and turned the last chord back into a “Franco” track. I thought that was creative af.” - Dame

Half said they would send to 2 Chainz, the other half wasn’t sure.

“Damon won you the challenge, but it was still close. Submission power was a defining factor for him. All agreed that out of the 2 tracks, we would have submitted Damon’s track over Franco’s, and a small comparison of the mixes made a big difference.”

Does this mean that Damon is a better producer than Franco, heck no!” - Dame

“These challenges are dope because, they help us all to better understand the difference between who’s better for an individual placement versus, who is the better producer.”

“I hope that they all remember and understand that these are not battles. Although we have fun dialogue that hypes everyone up for the challenges, light a fire under the producers & artists, I want them all to use the competition to bring out the best version of themselves; but as soon as the competition is over, leave any personal feelings out of it, because none of the grades or ratings are ever personal, they’re all professional and based on certain factors that may not include individual talent or ability.” - Dame

We all know how the industry works. Most of the hit songs are created by “accident”. There’s not a lot of rhyme & reason in the Music Industry. A lot of what happens doesn’t make sense, and this is something that our platform takes pride in influencing in the future. Control & Structure.

The best producer/artist doesn’t always have the best career in the music industry... that’s just how it is.

You just never know what a person wants creatively.

“Dame takes pride in creating an innovative system that not only gives the creative insight on what their music sounds like, but also helps them to understand why it sounds that way, what that exactly means, and what they should do to it. What he’s doing is next level.” - Donald S. (Talent manager)

If you are reading this post, be sure to really try to understand what it means to be a part of this platform... there’s a lot to take from it. If I were a producer or an artist, I’d level up faster than everyone, hell, I learn just from being a part of the panels!

We look forward to paving the way for the confidence and creative security of our Monster A&R members.