Allen Sides Visits Elite Producer Camp @ NRG Studios

Allen Sides is one of the most respected engineer/producers in the music industry, winner of 5-Grammy Awards and owner of Ocean Way Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

Ocean Way Recording is the current home studio of Dr. Dre, who is currently working on multiple projects, recently credited as Executive Producer and Mixer on Anderson Paak’s album titled, “Oxnard“ which was done at Ocean Way.

Allen contacted Dame this morning, expressing interest in visiting the Monster Sessions Elite Producer Camp to meet all students attending, to introduce Ocean Way Audio Systems.

Ocean Way Audio designs and builds high-end audio products including Ocean Way Monitors, Ocean Way Drums, Ocean Way Mics and Ocean Way Apps.

Precision Sound - New York City - OWA HR4(S) monitor systems.

Record One Studio A - Los Angeles, CA

OWA HR-1 system.

Odds On Studios - Las Vegas, NV

OWA 415T system.

Ocean Way Audio product offerings are the culmination of almost 40 years of his experience designing high resolution studio speaker systems for his many studios as well a wide variety of commercial installations including George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch scoring stage, Trevor Horn’s Sarm studios in London, and Walt Disney’s Hollywood Records, as well as private installations for musical artists like Gwen Stefani, Dave Grohl, and Beck.

Allen will meet Elite Producer Camp students Saturday, January 5th @ 6pm at NRG Studios in Studio A for an audio presentation of the Ocean Way Audio HR4(S) monitor system and will be answering questions about the monitors, as well as explaining the benefits of investing in quality audio for production.

We will welcome Allen to spend time with us at the Industry Network Party afterwards, but we’re sure he’s a pretty busy guy, so we will take every single minute that he provides our class, with great gratitude and appreciation.

We look forward to having a great camp. See you there, MARS!

- Monster Team Admin